Pac Palms – Boat Update

Well, we all went up to Pac Palms with good intentions but a dying cyclone out in the Tasman put an unapproachable mess of a surf on the beaches and so it was back to stillwater rowing for everyone.

There was a bit of racing on Saturday but then the rain came in again and we all went to our houses and chilled.    As usual, South Curlie did a fine job of self entertainment, as it happened Dana was doing her 21st Birthday so things got a bit noisy.  I must say, Dana and her crew mates do scrub up well. They went out to see the lights while the rest of us settled down for a quiet evening and hit the sack about 11.30 .

Down on the Lake next day the action was, well, look, it’s hard to get enthused when you can’t see the action.  The end result for Curlie was that Termites Juniors finished 3rd in their division, Gus’s men 3rd in theirs, and Gus’s little girls missed making their Final by one point, and as they had missed their first race, well they rowed very well on the day. Zulu’s Juniors had a satisfactory day as well, and that little bit of action on Sunday will be in the memory bank for Umina .    CK