Congratulations to our two new Life Members!

At the AGM last Sunday, Dave Olivey & Jordi Skelton were nominated and voted in as our newest life members.  Gaining life membership is no mean feat, nominees need to have demonstrated ongoing commitment to the club in the fullest sense.  Its not about individual achievements (though that is certainly recognised and welcome), rather, its about what the individual has done for the benefit of the club and our members.  Both Dave & Jordi met those requirements and after unanimous votes, both were warmly applauded as they returned to the club hall.

Dave has an amazing 64 years of continuous membership, joining up in 1953!  In his time with Sth Curly, he has been an active patrol member, completing many rescues and also a competitor in both boats and march past.  He was part of the infamous road trip (by truck) to the 1958 Aussie Championships in Perth – that’s a story that requires a bar to lean on and several drinks.  Dave has also done his time on the committee in the 60’s and continues to volunteer a hand wherever needed.  A no-brainer for life-membership.

Jordi, hasn’t got the longevity of Dave (yet), but has also displayed the self-less commitment to Sth Curly that is standard for our Life Members.  Jordi joined the club as a teenager and was an eager competitor in the boats for a short while, but he really found his niche on the beach, winning over 40 individual medals at various levels.  He was part of a very strong beach sprint relay team, and has gone on to share his knowledge and passion for beach sprints with numerous nippers and seniors in his 27years of membership.  He has also been an age manager, rubber duck driver, BBQ chef, fundraiser, water safety stalwart and like Dave, turns up whenever an extra hand is needed.  And if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, he met his lovely wife Kylie at Sth Curly!