Boats @ Branch

The Boaties at Palm Beach Branch Champs, 2016-02-25

South Curly went up to Palm Beach for the local Derby, the Branch Championships, full of hope, and as usual, full of beans.     It was a clear day, but a rotten Nor Easter popped up early, and made for hard work, in a boat.

We had seven crews in action on the day, here’s how they went.

Termites Juniors:   Sam, Chris, Brady and Owen – Well, they had a busy day, rowing in the As as well as the Under 19s, finding that they were very competitive, finishing 2nd in one very strong heat. Didn’t make the semis, but they had a lot of fun. Their main game was the Juniors , where they took home the Silver in the Final.

Zulu’s Juniors: Trent Settree, Tom Fuller, Rory Adams and a new rower, Sophie Berry, who rowed Stroke –  they had a wonderful day, and made the Final.  Sophie is a most impressive talent, and fits the Curlie scene very well.

The Thunderbirds: Ryan, Luke, Jacob and Toby, with Termite sweeping – Did lots of rowing, two round robins and made the Final and took home a Silver Medal for their efforts.  Good stuff, fellers.

Open Women: Ellie, Buffy (filling in for Sophie), Emma and Charlotte, with Gus – worked hard all day and got fourth in the Final

Under 23 Girls: Buffy, Celeste, Dana and Rachel with Gus – are improving every time they get in the boat, and had a great day.

Reserve Men: Ben, Brad, Termite and Nathan with Gus – Were performing very well, but took a wave.  Just after the start in their semi, at the can Termite lost the blade from his oar, but rowing with the bladeless oar they still maintained position, but Termite crabbed  when they rowed for a wave on the way back in. He did very well to maintain rythm with the crew on the way home, the crab when it happened is not surprising.

There are no details about Flea’s Reserves Crew     Agreat days boating, now off we go to ASRL