ASRL Surfboat Rowing Championships

ASRL  NATIONALS                              SHELL HARBOUR

On Friday Ribs and his 220s Masters Crew  of Champ; Bucko; Mark and Dave Hoy, who is sitting in for Billy for a while, showed their surf skills and went through the supplied difficult break a couple of times to carry off a fine Gold medal result; it was very nicely done.

The rest of Team Curly carried on with the following results:

Gus’s little girls: Rachel, Dana, Buffy and Sophie – Rowed well all Saturday, took a few hits here and there but made it through to Sunday, to their great credit.

Termites Colts: Ryan, Luke, Toby and Jacob – Rowed well all Friday and Saturday and got a start on Sunday but didn’t make it past the first round. This is a very tough Division, in which they performed well.

Reserve Crew (rowed as A Crew): Termite, Ben, Nathan and Chris Hughes (who filled in for Brad who was home looking after his wife and brand new baby, congratulations Brad) –  This Crew had five amazing rows on Saturday, and were sixth in their area against all the best Crews in Australia. They went through the first round on Sunday, but were put under one in the second race by the starter, but almost rowed back into it to get 4th, but only three go through. Bugger. Well done guys, and I should not forget Gus who pushed them around the course. Has anyone ever counted the number of times Gus goes round the cans each day?

Open Women: Sophie, Emma, Charlotte and Elly, with Gus – They did all that had to be done to take them to the semis. At this stage a normal finish was five boats on a wave, and it was here that the new electronic finish line was proving it’s worth, allowing the judges to get as accurate an finish across the line. With five in a row the girls took a steep little curling devil and it speared them over the line to put them into the Final. There was a similar finish here and they came away with the Silver. Well done indeed, Straw Hats. A great crew with real surf skills.

Termites Juniors: Sam, Brady, Chris and Owen, with Termite Sweeping – A well planned and executed weekend by these guys who finished top of the points on Saturday, made the Final and took home the Silver Medal.   Most impressive, and at the right time of the Year.

I spent four hours on Sunday PM watching all this on-line, and it was GREAT, particularly with the electronic finish line. Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday at PAC PALMS           CK