Surf Rescue Certificate


SLSA Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC)


Overview (Learning Outcomes):

The aim of the (SLSA) Surf Rescue Certificate course, is to provide younger club members who have come through the nippers ranks to help equip them with the knowledge of basic patrolling, first aid and surf awareness in order to be able to participate in life saving operations.

Candidates must be a minimum of 13 years old on the date of final assessment.

This is the minimum water safety qualification required if you wish to compete for your club, and also includes participating on patrols within your Club as well as water safety.

The following summerises the core content of the course;

  • Safety and Wellbeing
  • Surf Awareness & Skills
  • First Aid
  • Resuscitation
  • Rescue Techniques
  • Signals


Course Duration:

  • Spring & Summer Squads = approx. 8-9 weeks (depending on capability)


Course Details:

Course Starts: TBD

  • 2 x Sessions per week
  • Dry: Tuesday – Start: 18.30 – Finish: 20:00 @ Club hall
  • Wet: Sunday – Start: 9:00 – Finish: 10:30 @ Beach & Water (conditions permitting)

Sessions  will run each week with ASSESSMENT dates & venue TBC. The Assessment can take 3- 4+ hours depending on numbers and conditions.


Time Commitment:

  • 4-5 hours per week



  • Candidates must be 13 years old (on the date of the final assessment) 
  • Candidates must complete the following requirement
  • Swim 200 meters in 5 minutes (or less) in swimming pool no less than 25 metres, (or over a measured open water course on flat water)
  • This requirement must be fulfilled prior to commencing any training



Training Resources:

Learner Guides & Manuals:

  • Public Safety and Aquatic Rescue Manual (34rd edition) – Loan book supplied
  • Surf Rescue Certificate Learner Guide – supplied


Unit(s) of Competency:

This award is currently not associated with any units of competency, and is a skills based assessment




  • Resuscitation Manikin (Adult/Infant)
  • Signal Flags
  • First Aid Kit
  • Radio


  • Rescue Tubes
  • Rescue Boards



  • Training enrolment form
  • Participant evaluation form
  • RPL application form (upon request)



Candidates will be required to demonstrate competency in all elements in the workplace. They will be required to complete activities that may include oral and written questioning, practical demonstrations of skills and performing scenarios.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

If you believe you already possess some or all of the skills and knowledge of this course, you may wish to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

If you wish to partake in RPL and further guidance is required, please contact the clubs’ Chief Training Officer by email:



To ensure the SRC award remains up-to-date, candidates must under go a proficiency check before the date of 31st December every calendar year


General Info

The most important function of the Club is to provide patrols each weekend and public holiday during the surf season. All active senior members are required to be rostered onto patrol duty throughout the season on a rotational basis usually one day per month.


Important Information for all Patrol Captains

Patrol Captains Guide: download pdf document here

Lifesaving Service Agreement: download pdf document here

Pre-Season Pack: download pdf document here


Patrol Roster

All active members are required to be rostered onto patrol duty throughout the season on a rotational basis usually one day per month, which equates to 5-6 half day patrols per season.

Due to the strength of our patrolling membership and our patrol hours, this is one of the lightest patrolling commitments across the Sydney Northern Beaches Branch.

A copy of the latest Patrol Roster is available HERE. The version on the public website does not include telephone numbers due to privacy reasons.

Patrolling Members can access the Patrol Roster with telephone number on TeamApp under ‘Information for Patrolling Members’.

For any queries please email the club on



Stinger Treatment

New Treatment For Non-Tropical Bluebottle Stings – 16/08/2007

Hot water is now the recommended treatment for bluebottle stings, following scientific research and review by Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) and the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC).

Each year trained surf lifesavers and lifeguards treat between 20,000 to 30,000 people for stingers, making SLSA the leading provider of bluebottle treatment in the country.

Dr Natalie Hood, SLSA’s medical advisor and a member of the ARC, said that an extensive review of all the scientific evidence published over the last 50 years had led the ARC, the peak authority for medical and first aid practices in Australia, to recommend the use of hot water for non-tropical bluebottle stings wherever possible.

‘For many years the ARC’s recommended treatment for bluebottle stings was the application of a cold pack or ice, however after extensive scientific review, the best available evidence is that hot water can offer improved pain relief,’ she said.

The newly approved treatment for non-tropical bluebottle stings is:

  • Don’t allow rubbing of the sting area
  • Pick off any remaining tentacles with fingers – a harmless prickling may be felt
  • Rinse the stung area well with seawater to remove any invisible stinging cells
  • Place the victim’s stung area in hot water – no hotter than the rescuer can comfortably tolerate
  • f the pain is unrelieved by the heat, or if hot water is not available, apply cold packs or wrapped ice

SLSA has endorsed hot water as the recommended treatment for bluebottle stings.

Tropical Stings

Stings by tropical jellyfish require completely different treatment, in particular the immediate calling of an ambulance and, if available, dousing the stung area in vinegar to neutralise any remaining stinging cells from injecting more venom into the skin.

Non-tropical treatment priorities are based on pain relief, because life-threatening stings are highly uncommon.
Thus, freshwater (hot or cold) will cause stinging cells to inject more venom into the skin, but this is of little medical consequence.
Tropical treatment priorities are based on saving a life, with pain relief as a secondary focus; vinegar does not relieve pain, but may save a life in the event of a Box Jellyfish or Irukandji sting.

SLSA’s Director of Lifesaving, Peter George AM, said that wherever it is logistically possible, surf lifesavers and lifeguards in non-tropical areas will have hot water available to treat patients, however if local circumstances don’t permit this, cold packs and ice can still be used as a second line option for pain relief.
’There are clearly some logistical challenges for surf lifesavers who generally operate in the middle of a beach without access to electricity,’ he said.
’Nevertheless, SLSA will work with all clubs and services to help implement the new treatment wherever it is possible.’

A fact sheet outlining this treatment is available here.

Water Safety

Page under development, for any questions please refer to our Contact Us page

Age Manager Resources

The below guides are to be used in conjunction with running your age groups activities wef season 2016/17

If you have not yet completed an age managers course, then please refer to upcoming course information below.

U6 SLSA U6 Age Guide – Surf Play 1

U7 SLSA U7 Age Guide – Surf Play 2

U8 SLSA U8 Age Guide – Surf Aware 1
SLSA U8 Age Guide – Recordsheet

U9 SLSA U9 Age Guide – Surf Aware 2
SLSA U9 Age Guide – Recordsheet

U10 SLSA U10 Age Guide – Surf Safe 1
SLSA U10 Age Guide – Recordsheet

U11 SLSA U11 Age Guide – Surf Safe 2
SLSA U11 Age Guide – Recordsheet

U12 SLSA U12 Age Guide – Surf Smart 1
SLSA U12 Age Guide – Recordsheet

U13 SLSA U13 Age Guide – Surf Smart 2
SLSA U13 Age Guide – Recordsheet

Other Resources

Code of Conduct – Parents of Children in Surf Life Saving Competition

SLS SNB Junior Activities Hazard Identification Checklist

SLSA Age Manager Course and Resources

There are currently two ways to complete the Age Managers Course this season 2016/17. You can either attend an on site course normally held at Branch headquarters in Warriewood or can now be done online.

The Branch office is running the following courses:

Course 1: 2 Evening Sessions – Dates TBA

Course 2: 1 Full Day Session – Dates TBA

Course 3: 2 Evening Sessions – Dates TBA

Course 4: 1 Full Day Session – Dates TBA

Each course will be kept to a maximum of 25 participants and all bookings must be made through branch office 9913 8066

Clubs will be charged the full price for all participants whether or not they attend – no exceptions

Cost – $90 (Paid by South Curl Curl Surf Club)

If you wish to attend one of these courses or would like to do the online course please contact Jordi at or by phone 0432 807 568.

SLSA Age Managers Guide (2nd Edition) [44pg]

SLSA Age Manager Course Participant Workbook (2nd Edition) [16pg]

SLSA Age Manager Course Presenters Guide (2nd Edition) [8pg]

SLSA Age Manager Course PowerPoint Presentation (2nd Edition) [64 slides]

Nippers Water Safety Guidelines

Minimum Water Safety Guidelines

SLSA Surf Sports Manual Links

The below links provide detailed information regarding carnival events including event layout and distances required for each age group and can be useful for setting up similar club events.

Surf Sports Manual – Beach Events

Surf Sports Manual – Ski & Board Events

Surf Sports Manual – Swimming Events

Surf Sports Manual – Multi Discipline Events

Surf Sports Manual – March Past Events

Functional & Fun Games for Nippers

Hopefully I can continue to add links and functional games to help you with ideas and planning for your age groups. If you have any interesting ideas for games, exercises at all, I would be more than happy to add. Just send me an email to or see me at the beach.

Nippers Games to Make Sprint & Flag training fun


Committee & Age Managers

Nippers Contacts for the 2018/19 Season


Position Name Email
President Saul Carroll
Vice-President Graham Smith
Secretary & Registrar Matt & Mandy Fitzgerald, Claire Cagney & Gesina Braaksma
Information Officer Alex Braaksma & Paul Monnington
Risk Assessment Officer Guy Waddilove
Clothing Kristina Porteous
Competition Registrar Matt Cagney & Ness Fisher
Competition Mgr – Beach Jordi Skelton
Competition Mgr – Water Saul Carroll & Graham Smith
BBQ Co-Ordinator Ben Humel
U6 Age Manager  

Ben & Danielle Humel

U7 Age Managers Adele Saunders, Claire Cagney & TBD
U8 Age Managers Peter Hamilton & Steve Rudd
U9 Age Managers Adam Larracy, Steve Thomas, Ness Fisher & Matt Cagney
U10 Age Managers James Hawley & TBD

U11 Age Managers Alex Braaksma, Matt Fitzgerald, Cam Inchley & Perry Gilbert
U12 Age Managers Bernard Blanchfield, Saul Carroll & Graham Smith
U13 Age Managers  

Nick Careless, Ken Johnston, Paul Mornington & Bill Porteous

U14 – The SRC Squad Age Managers/Trainers Jordi Skelton

‘Rippers’: Additional Needs Nippers Group Kirsten Quinn
Cadets (U15-17) Water Safety TBD
All Age Managers Email to all South Curly Nippers Age Managers


General Info

Download the SCCSLSC Team App to keep up to date with all the latest information.

1. Download Team App to your smartphone from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  Create an email-based login and associated password (remember this for future use).

2. Search for ‘South Curl Curl SLSC’ or ‘SCCSLSC’

3. Register for South Curl Curl Surf Life Saving Club

Note – to access the App through a computer (i.e. not on your phone/tablet), paste the following link into your browser:

4. Select all of the relevant groups to join e.g. U6s, U11s etc  Where relevant also select ‘Bronze’, ‘Age Manager’ or ‘Official’ if relevant (these ones require validation to join)

For further tips and tricks re the App, check out the Nippers Handbook here


Our New Nippers/Club registration is on Sunday 16th Sept 9-12, or register on the first day of Nippers (21st October) from 8.30am –  to speed things up on the day, pre-fill the membership form & make sure you bring proof of ID for your child and a parent.  See Membership/Registration tab for more info.


The 2019/20 Nippers season starts on Sunday 20th October!

Nippers Session Times

8am  – 9am                    Cadets (U15-17)

9am – 10am                    U6 – U7 & U14 (SRC Squad)

9.30am – 10.30am        U8 – U13

10am  – 11am                  ‘Rippers’ Disability  Group (5-15yrs)

Find your age marker on the beach and line up ready for some fun!!!



During the season clothing is available for purchase most Sunday mornings before Nippers. The only compulsory piece of the clothing is the Nipper Cap, but we have lots more to tempt you with!


Sprint Training – U8 and upwards.

Time and dates TBA

Contact: Jordi Skelton – Competitions Manager (Beach) 0432 807568 or


Board Training – from U9′s upwards

Every Wednesday 5-6pm – location to be advised via Team App

Register your interest with Al Saunders with your mobile to receive notification sms re location changes and to ensure we have enough boards available at the session.


What age group will my child be in at Nippers?

To determine what age group your child will be in, just use the chart below ie. what age your child is at 30th September eg. my son will be 13 on 30 September but turns 14 in January = he is the U14’s this season.

Please note: children are not allowed to participate or compete at Nippers in an incorrect age group. This a mandate from SLSA and regardless of the requirement to be with friends or the perceived ‘skill level’ of the child – they are not covered by insurance and will not be eligible for any SLSA or club awards unless they undertake activities with their correct age group.

Childs Age @ 30th September Nippers Age Category
5 Under 6
6 Under 7
7 Under 8
8 Under 9
9 Under 10
10 Under 11
11 Under 12
12 Under 13
13 Under 14


Parent Info

South Curly is a family oriented club and our focus is to ensure that our Nipper program is fun and educational.

We are also a very social club and have regular Sunday breakfast bbqs on the promenade after Nippers.

Find us on Team App to keep in touch with social events and all things South Curly.

Nippers & Club Registration Day is Sunday 15th September 9am-12pm or you can register on the first day of Nippers (20th October) 8.30am.  To speed things up on the day, pre-fill the membership form and make sure you bring proof of ID for your child and a parent.  See Membership/Registration tab for more info.

There’s lots of good info for Nippers Parents here – a must-read for all new Nippers parents!

The 2019/20 Nippers season commences on Sunday 20th October.  The first Sunday after the School holidays…and the start of yet another glorious South Curly season…..!

9am – 10am U6, U7, and U14 – The SRC Squad
9.30am – 10.30am U8-U13
10.00am – 11.00am Rippers (Additional Needs Nippers