Committee & Age Managers

Nippers Contacts for the 2018/19 Season


Position Name Email
President Frank Tol & Steve Rudd
Information Officer
Risk Assessment Officer Guy Waddilove
Clothing Alison Donnan
Competition Registrar
Competition Mgr – Beach Jordi Skelton
Competition Mgr – Water Saul Carroll & Graham Smith
BBQ Co-Ordinator

U7 Age Managers
U8 Age Managers
U9 Age Managers
U10 Age Managers

U11 Age Managers
U13 Age Managers

U14 – The SRC Squad Age Managers/Trainers

‘Rippers’: Additional Needs Nippers Group Kirsten Quinn
Cadets (U15-17) Water Safety TBD
All Age Managers Email to all South Curly Nippers Age Managers