‘Rippers’ Disability Nipper Group

South Curl Curl offers a modified nipper program for children & youth with a disability. The program has been developed to allow inclusion for all children & youth aged 5 to 15 and aims to teach the following skills:

  • surf awareness and
  • beach safety

 IMG_1136 IMG_1105

The sessions will also include fun activities such as:

  • beach races,
  • flags,
  • wade and swim races.

As members of this group become more confident in the water, they learn skills to be able to use nipper surfboards and catch a wave or two to shore.

The Rippers group are supported by volunteers from South Curl Curl Surf Lifesaving Club, however family members are actively encouraged to participate with their child so everyone has the opportunity to share in the excitement as each member masters new skills throughout the season.

South Curl Curl encourage members of ‘Rippers’ to join in their age mainstream group if they wish and are welcome to participate in both groups. Our main focus is to make sure members are actively learning whilst having fun!

The Rippers group runs on Sunday mornings 10-11am.

For further information please contact Kirsten Quinn at rippers@southcurlynippers.com