Resident Caretaker – Role Vacancy

Applications are invited for the role of Resident Caretaker at South Curl Curl SLSC.

The current caretakers have given notice to vacate in October 2022 but are flexible with the change over date.

Details of the role description:

SCCSLSC Caretaker Role Responsibilities d220701

Please submit your application to the Club inbox at SCC_Inbox or by post to PO Box 18, Freshwater 2096

by Sunday 24th July 2022.

Interviews for the position are expected to be held on the weekend of 30-31st July 2022.

Selection Criteria:

1.       Customer focus – ability to sell the facility to potential hirers and explain the hiring process

2.       Cleaning Focus – Desire and ability to keep the entire site clean and tidy

3.       Past service history with South Curly, with emphasis on recent service is a definite advantage

4.       SLS qualifications may count to the extent that after hours rescues can occur

5.       Vision and Values – do you demonstrate the values we want our club to portray?

6.       Duration – are you prepared to remain in the role for at least 3 years?

7.       Coverage – will you have sufficient time for all the activities outlined in the role description?

8.      Capable of handling payments and refunds, maintaining basic accounts and updating an online calendar

9.    Capable of handling potentially drunken and rowdy party attendees and getting them to depart quietly

Note that in the past preference has been given to joint applicants over sole applicants based on their ability to share the workload.

The following is an older document which provides further details about expectations.

Caretaker Tasks