The South Curly Beginners Guide to Nipper Carnivals can be found here.

South Curl Curl Nippers Surf Sports Manual – The South Curl Curl Surf Sports Manual explains the clubs policy for Nippers carnival participation and responsibilities required by all parties. Please review this document and if there are any comments or feedback please send these to our Nippers President.

Nippers Competition Sports Overview – This document provides a very good overview of all nippers competition events and will assist you in preparation for upcoming nippers carnivals.

This will help to:

  • Gain an understanding of each junior surf sports event
  • Explain the race method and rules
  • Explain the course layout
  • Setup courses for your own training and competition
  • Nippers Competition Events
  • Nippers Carnivals Guide – A general nippers carnival guide is designed to assist parents and those new to carnivals to assist in understanding the carnival process and advice on what is needed to help you on the day.